There is a ChipotleFeedback Survey that can help the company do a better job. You are being asked to do more than just answer this poll. People who fill out this poll will have a chance to win fun gifts for their help.

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ChipotleFeedback Survey Reward and Winners

You can enter the drawing if you fill out the ChipotleFeedback Survey. You will get a fun prize if you win. Find out more about the gifts and how the winners are picked here:

Take Chipotle Survey

Prizes: There are 24 prizes each year, one from the US Pool and one from the Canada Pool for every entry. It’s possible to join once a month. You can win one of 52 $10 Chipotle Burrito Cards. That means each gift is worth $520. One (1) Prize from one of the Prize Pools will be given away during each Event Period. There will be no more than twenty-four (24) Prizes in the draw. A total of $12,480 is thought to be the value of all the gifts in this event. Your chances of winning a Prize during the Promotion Period depend on how many qualified entries are received for each Pool during each Entry Period.

Picking the Winner: Drawings are used to pick the winners at random. The person in charge of the contest will pick one (1) winner from the US Pool and one (1) winner from the Canada Pool from all the approved entries that were sent in during the contest period. A possible winner will be chosen by the Sponsor or Administrator, who will decide if the entrant is qualified and if they follow these Official Rules. Once that is done, Section 6 says that people in Canada will be shown a math problem before any winners are named.

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