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ChipotleFeedback Survey of Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get to the ChipotleFeedback survey?

It’s that simple. Just enjoy a burrito. Find out how to get to the poll by going to chipotlefeedback.autos/FAQ.

Take Chipotle Survey

  • What is the point of the poll, please?

The answer is that Chipotle wants to know if you’d like to try some area specialties that aren’t on the menu. Your thoughts can affect what they offer in the future!

  • Can I take part even though I don’t have a current receipt?

Of course! You can still join the party even if you don’t have your most recent ticket. Chipotle wants to hear from you.

  • Are there age limits on people who can take the survey?

To be fair, you must be at least 13 years old to take this poll.

  • What will I get in return for filling out the survey?

Please play the drums! One winner from the US and one winner from Canada get a chance to win big every month at the end. For a whole year, that’s 24 wins.

Take Chipotle Survey

  • Can people who work at Chipotle or their family members participate?

We’re sorry, but this question isn’t open to people who work at Chipotle or have family ties to that company. It’s all fair, right?

  • How are the poll winners chosen and told about?

A surprise party! Chipotle picks two winners at the end of each marketing session. Hope everything goes well!

  • Does the Chipotle FAQ page have information about the menu and where to find them?

We’re afraid we can’t give away any menu secrets. However, you can visit Chipotle’s official website to see their delicious menu and find sites all over the world.

  • Are there any social media sites where I can connect with Chipotle?

The best way to stay up to date is to follow Chipotle on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Get ready for posts that taste great!

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